Why Work with A2 Hosting? 

A2 Hosting was started by our founder Bryan Muthig in 2001. We have grown and developed in the last two decades, cementing our place as a key player in the hosting industry thanks to Bryan’s strong value-led leadership and vision for the future. We are a team of teams, full of innovators and positive thinkers, striving towards company success together. We’re meshing Bryan’s dreams with our own as we harness our natural curiosity and passions to achieve our company goals. With over 200 hundred teammates and counting, we’re always looking for global gurus to join our team. Sound like the kind of company you’re interested in growing with? If so, we want to hear from you!

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Top Reasons to Work for A2 Hosting

  • Fully Remote Workplace

  • Great Benefits

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Friendly and Relaxed Work Environment

  • Training and Professional Development

  • Core Value Driven




A2 Hosting Team Member Reviews

Want to hear from our team? We asked some of our best what they like most about working at A2 Hosting. Here’s what they said.

Why Do We Have Core Values?

Our core values are the foundation of our company. They described how we operate on a day-to-day basis and are the guiding principles that help determine the success of A2 Hosting. Our core values help us maintain a growth mindset so we can seize opportunities to learn and improve every day. On our best days, this is who we want to be.


We take pride in what we do. The status quo isn’t good enough and we’re always striving to do better. We show up to work enthusiastic, energized, and committed to the work. We feed off the positive energy and constant improvement of our colleagues which allows us to thrive on the clock. When we’re off the clock we seek to find and maintain a balance between our personal and professional lives.


We are a team of teams. We think about the team first and we’re always evaluating how our decisions impact the organization as a whole rather than just ourselves or our departments. We are truthful and always open to constructive feedback. We plan meetings to discuss and coordinate our goals and to share what we know and are learning to help everyone improve. We think group brainstorming and innovation lead to better, more informed decisions.


We have an unending desire to learn. We’re always asking what’s next and why so we can dig deeper and strive to do better. We look for new and better ways to innovate and accomplish our goals. We have the drive to dig in and understand any problems we face. Our industry is fast-moving so we are always evolving with new technology and innovations. We take the initiative to keep learning more as we continue to grow.

Customer Focused

We always strive to be empathetic and respectful of our customers. We try to put ourselves in their shoes and treat them how we want to be treated. Through training and education, we make sure we have the technical ability to help them in the right way so we can be the subject matter experts and advisors that help our customers solve their problems. If we can’t solve the problem, we always try to educate and point them to someone/something that can. Our customers are our reason for success and their success is our utmost priority. We are very grateful to build relationships with them daily.




We’re nimble, able to move quickly and easily, and always willing to make changes when it’s obvious those changes need to be made. We are goal-oriented and well planned as we create requirements and move strategically to achieve overall results. By working in small increments we are able to reach our larger goal faster and more efficiently with little time wasted.  We are good adaptors and are always flexible and ready with a backup plan when we need it. 

Want to Join Our Team? 

We’re on the lookout for global hosting gurus! We hire the best people from all over the world to work with us at A2 Hosting. We have lots of different jobs and departments so there’s sure to be a role that you’ll love! Check out our teams below and click the link to apply now.


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