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We Know Our Hosting Infrastructure

And we used that knowledge to best optimize the most popular open source website packages to run their best on that infrastructure right out of the box. We will cache, compress, and optimize your CSS, JS, HTML and site images using the best method available on your hosting account. That could be static caching accellerated by our SSD storage or by enabling Turbo Caching and memcached for fast in-memory caching where available. A2 Optimized is designed to speed up and secure your website quickly and easily by installing and configuring several well-known, stable optimizations with a few simple clicks. These plugins boost PageSpeed Score, reduce render and load times, and reduce overall page size to save up to 80% bandwidth and improve site performance by tenfold.


Faster Websites for the Most Popular Platforms

Hosting one of these platforms at A2 Hosting means you get the optimal settings for your hardware to drive increased speed and performance while enhancing security

A2 Optimized Features

  • Page caching to speed up site loading

  • Database caching storing frequently used queries on disk or memory to speed up page rendering

  • Object caching storing navigation and web element to speed up page rendering

  • Stores static files on browser to reduce page load after page request

  • Auto configuration to condensed HTML, CSS and JS files to increase download speed

  • Enables file and image compression which saves bandwidth and improves page load time

  • Secure and Faster Memcached Unix socket files

  • Advanced optimization including GTmetrix



A2 Optimized Benefits

  • For WordPress websites,  A2 Optimized for WordPress comes pre-installed on your Web Hosting account

  • Enables WordPress's hardening rules in.htaccess to avoid brute-force attacks by bots

  • 80% bandwidth savings when you minify HTML, minify CSS and minify JS files

  • Disk Based Page Caching gives 10x improvement in overall site performance when fully configured

  • Provides google reCAPTCHA on both the login form and comments to enhance security

  • 1-Click Memcached Configuration to improve  your site's database performance


What Our Customers Say About Our Speed

Getting improved load times and reduced page sizes is great for any website.

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